Did you know that the pet industry is a multi-billion dollar a year moneymaker? If you are an animal lover and can’t get enough of your furry friends you might be surprised that they could earn money as well.  Then you could turn your playtime into earning time. Here are some ways to make money with pets.

10. Start a Dog Blog (or cat, or hamster blog)

One thing that I see people doing more of is animal blogs. Pet owners are always on the look out for new things for their pets. It’s also an cool way to share the latest news on your favourite furry animal.  Plus starting a blog is pretty simple to get up and going. If you are looking to start a pet blog you can sign up for our free 5 day email series on starting a blog.

9. Build Dog Houses & Pet Furniture 

If you love to create things, building pet furniture might be a great way to make some extra money. People are always looking for unique things for their pets and it’s a great way to make some extra money.

8. Create Animal Clothing and Bling

The family dog has definitely gotten an upgrade in the past couple of decades. People are willing to dress their pets up in outfits and it’s a growing industry. You could start to create your own pet attire and sell it online in places like Amazon.

7. Pooper Scooper

The biggest dilemma of a pet owner is the umm… waste. I know of a few people who perform the act of cleaning up pet waste from peoples yards and make very good money doing it. All you need is a shop vac and some garbage bags. Hey some of the best money to be made is by doing the jobs that other don’t want to do.


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