Dogs really are amazing creatures! No other species can boast so many different interactions with people. Because we love them to the moon and back, we’ve dedicated an entire day to celebrate them.

August 26th is National Dog Day!

From cute YouTube videos that engage us for hours to breathtaking stories of saving humans, our furry friends can always keep us entertained. Coleen Paige loved dogs so much that in 2004, she created a national day to celebrate their achievements and appreciate our best friends. In honor of all the fur kids, here are 10 brilliant accomplishments.

1– Space Dog! The first creature to go into space was a dog named Laika. She proved that space travel was possible for humans.

2– Go Home! The farthest recorded distance of a dog finding its way home was by Jimpa, a lab/boxer mix who walked 2000 miles across a waterless desert in Australia to get home.

3– Not just a pretty face! In the 1970s, John Suter successfully crossed 1,100 miles of blizzard and snow in the epic race called the Iditarod using, not the typical husky, but standard poodles.

4– Doggie Detectives! We know dogs can detect illegal drugs with their incredible noses, but did you know that detection dogs are now being trained to help fight cybercrime? One famous case was solved when a black lab named Bear found a flash drive with child pornography on it. WOW!


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