we love to do our outdoor activities but because we can’t leave our home it’s impossible to do it.

so do you really think we can’t do outdoors stuff anymore while quarantine?
if you think so then you are wrong.

there are 10 activities you can do at your own house:

10. Camping

What’s more fun than camping indoors?! you opt how far you would like to travel with this- it might be as simple as a play tent, otherwise you could go all the way with an overnight camp within the front room, complete with real tent & sleeping bags! (or stay somewhere in between with blankets and pillows and furniture combined to form a fort- great for cuddling up in and reading to your kids.

9. Water Balloons & Guns

Water guns can be played within the bathtub! Maybe close the shower doors or curtain to guard the remainder of your bathroom (unless it’s cleaning day & you want to let your kids let loose, with the plan in mind to urge the place sparkling afterward- water helps thereupon, right?

As for water balloons, it’d be challenging to play that inside within the traditional way, but we’ve celebrated within the past, filling water balloons with water AND coloring (not to be broken open but to squeeze & watch the color change because the balloon gets stretched). you’ll also put one among those bath “fizzies” that change bathtub watercolor inside a water balloon and let the youngsters burst the balloons within the tub- you’ll even incorporate a lesson on blending colors!

8. Blow Bubbles

If you’ve got young kids, you recognize the enjoyment that comes from blowing bubbles! This doesn’t need to be an outdoor activity either! Clear some space within the kitchen or area on the day you would like to wash the floor- let the youngsters blow bubbles to their hearts’ content then mop the floor! The bubbly mess won’t last long, and it’ll probably help with the cleaning, too!


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