If you are going to be tent camping, these are some terms you will likely hear in your adventures:

1. A-frame: This term describes tents that resemble the letter “A” when viewed from the front. A-frame tents, also called “ridge tents,” are an older style of tent that was originally built using a horizontal pole with vertical supports at the end and canvas stretched around the structure. These tents often used tie outs and guylines (which we will define later) for improved stability. Modern A-frame tents are constructed of more familiar materials like nylon and use aluminum poles for their structure. A-frame tents are typically not very large and are best-suited for one or two people.

2. Bear bag: Bear bags are waterproof bags that campers use to protect their food and cooking supplies while camping in regions where bears live. These protective bags are attached to a rope so that they can be suspended out of the reach of bears and other animals. The practice of hanging bear bags is sometimes called “treeing,” and a bear bag that is hung up is sometimes called a “bear hang.”

3. Billy: A billy, or “billy can,” is a small metal container used to boil water or cook food over a campfire. Billy cans typically have a handle on the top for convenient campfire cooking, but makeshift billy cans may also be made out of coffee cans or other metal containers.

4. Car camping: When tent camping is done at a campsite where the camper’s car is parked nearby, it is sometimes referred to as “car camping.” Car camping is a popular form of camping for those who do not want to carry all of their supplies in a backpack, and it is also a great option for families. It allows campers to bring more equipment and gear for a more comfortable camping experience and more extensive campsite cooking options.


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