Top 10 Rules for Dogs & Puppy training in the House:


Most dog training advice comes with some variation on the theme of leadership. Many dog trainers will say you would like to be the “Alpha Dog” or “Pack Leader” and with the hugely popular TV series “Dog Whisperer” almost everyone has heard the phrase “Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations.” But, what does all of that mean? What exactly are the principles, boundaries, and limitations? What are the action steps required to having a well-behaved dog which will are available in the house and be a member of the family?

From the attitude of providing leadership it doesn’t necessarily matter what the principles are as long as there are some. thereupon said, I do have a top ten list of rules I feel are important when it involves bringing dogs into the house. a number of them I’m sure that everybody will agree on, others might not seem important to everyone, but I find that following these ten rules makes for stellar canine behavior within the house.

  • Potty – All dogs got to learn where to alleviate themselves, preferably outside. In some cases, the dog may have to find out to travel on potty pads or during a box. I only recommend indoor potty areas when the dog has no outdoor access, like apartments with no yard, patio, or balcony. Otherwise, skip the potty pads because it encourages going potty indoors.
  • Chewing – Dogs have a natural, biological got to chew on things. it is vital for permanently mental and physical health. they are doing not, however, got to chew on shoes, furniture, carpet, or other human valuables. Unless you’re so enlightened that you simply don’t care about your worldly belongings, all dogs got to learn what they will and can’t chew on.
  • Furniture – I see tons of problems around this subject, from separation anxiety to aggression, so don’t take furniture privileges lightly. Whether or not you are doing to allow your dog on the furniture, there should be some rules around it. Maybe the dog is merely allowed on certain furniture or only invited or even the furniture is off-limits. Whatever you select, confirm the entire family is on board and enforcement is consistent.
  • Garbage – Mmmmmm, garbage…yummy, tasty garbage! Garbage is to dogs like donuts are to Homer Simpson. it is a huge temptation for dogs and sometimes at just the right level…right under their nose. Food, wrappers, napkins…a smorgasbord of nasty stuff resides in there, but Rover must learn to remain faraway from all the trash cans within the house. Don’t even let him near them. Don’t fall for the innocent “What? I used to be just sniffing” look. No sniffing the rubbish allowed. If the rubbish within the kitchen is your dog’s favorite garbage.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen may be a problem area, susceptible to counter surfing, garbage rummaging, and physical hazards like falling knives, boiling water, and tripping on a dog that gets underfoot. In our house, my wife and that I don’t allow dogs within the kitchen for the above reasons also as for providing a basic sense of leadership. I think there should be a minimum of one room within the house that’s off-limits to the dog for safety and/or appropriateness.


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